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Marina View Holiday Apartments

Your home from home by the sea

Our apartments

All our apartments are well decorated and comfortably furnished and largely have the same level and types of equipment in each one. The pictures below are recent ones and show you what you can expect when you stay with us. There are more pictures in the MORE PICS. section

Apartment 4 Living room

Apartment 4 Front Bedroom

Apartment 3 Front Bedroom

Apartment 3 Living room

Apartment 2 Living room

Apartment 2 Kitchen area

4 Pembroke Terrace, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO15 3BX
Tel: 01262 676565, Mobile: 07918 619467, Fax: n/a
Geoff and Lynda Allanach

Apartment 1 Living area

Apartment 1 shower room

Apartment 1 main bedroom